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Take a moment to click on and watch this video below if you have ever attended any Empowering Meeting, a Retreat, Leaders Meeting, Women’s Conference or Leaders Conference, Marriage Seminar, Speakers Development Training Impact, House Church, Revival, Wedding or Service I have hosted or been apart of – your picture is on here!

This is a small reflection of more than ten years of ministry. Thank you for being a part of my life!

When I look at each of your beautiful faces, tears of joy and gratitude flood my soul. So many precious intimate memories of what the Lord has done in each of your lives. Do you remember the moment God transformed your life or used you to be a part of someone else being transformed by the blood of Jesus? It’s humbling that God would take a rank sinner like me, save my soul almost 42 years ago set me on fire for Him, turn my life around and use this vessel to impact His Kingdom. I’m humbled by His Great love He has for you and me. Father, you get all the glory, honor and praise for all the mighty works that You alone have done. You alone are a Mighty Awesome God! Thank you, Abba Father.