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Prayer Teleconference Call

Prayer Changes Facts! You are invited this Tuesday Night. No matter where you live, you can join us! Click here for more details!

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We have a full year of powerful meetings on the schedule! Click here to view the schedule and be sure to register! You will walk away from these meetings confident and ready for your next measure of success!

Prayers, Scriptures, and Declarations

Click here for our library of scriptural prayers, divided by topic. It is our pleasure to provide these free resources to help you Empower Your Day!

Books & Resources

Our new resource shop is under construction and will be open soon! Stay tuned for the grand re-opening and for the upcoming launch of the latest book releases by Judy Brooks!

Your Deliverance From Your Present Situation Is Coming!

My child, I promise you not only will I deliver you from every challenge, but I also promise to expand or increase you in your calling or location in life. Two are things happening:  Deliverance or liberation of a person comes first from a temporary state of...

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My Words Are Spirit and Life!

My beloved child, My Words are life spirit and they are life!  It is the spirit alone that quickens you and gives you eternal life and your human efforts profits nothing.  My Word will transform your life so don't go looking for a fortune-teller, mediums or wizards...

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An Endorsement, Favorite Quote, Tagline, or Scripture

Scripture Reference, Author, or Subtitle if Desired

Go and don’t be afraid, just do it to reach that peace inside of you. -Tammy

They helped me to be honest with my emotions… allowed me to cry freely and I emptied my cup. It was a gift to be able to be honest without judgment and what I said really mattered. -Ann

The greatest gift I received from the weekend was being heard and having a safe place to begin my healing. -Becky


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